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Migrating from Apache/IIS to Publicfile

Publicfile is a webserver created by Dan Bernstein. It supports only a very limited subset of the Apache functionality, but this makes it likely that it is in fact quite secure. When you are migrating a site from Apache to Publicfile, there are some issues you will experience. One word of caution: if you are using any functionality included in any Apache modules, do not migrate. These will not work.

When you perform the migration, there is also a set of Apache built-in functionality which is not available on Publicfile:
After you make the move, you might receive reports from users getting an error message "I do not accept If-None-Match". This is typical for certain Internet Explorer clients in combination with an ex-Apache site.

When you connect to an Apache site, the daemon will send through an ETag: header, a little bit like this:

Last-Modified: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 22:45:03 GMT
ETag: "548123-1953-43d2b96f"

RFC2616 describes this ETag as being offered to the client to allow him to compare it with other entities from the same resource. Simply put, it allows the client to state which version of the document it already has, to save bandwidth from being used on content that has already been transferred.

Not many clients actually use this, but when they do (as is the case with IE 6.0 on Windows XP), they will use the "If-None-Match" tag to indicate which version they already have cached.

When Publicfile sees this header in a request, it discards the request and barf()s an error message. While in essence, this does not matter if it is a new site, you will run into trouble if you are moving from Apache. Older clients will be running into difficulties and may not be able to access your site without clearing cache, deleting locally stored files and so on.

A quick fix to resolve this is to comment out the following two lines in httpd.c:

if (case_startb(field.s,field.len,"if-none-match:"))
barf("412 ","I do not accept If-None-Match");

After recompiling and reinstalling the binaries, everything should be working. You may wish to go back to a clean installation after a week or two, when most client caches will be outdated and cleaned.